Buy a private jet: tips

While the cost of the jets used has steadily decreased in recent years, we are studying the purchasing dilemma. As with cars, private jets depreciate very quickly and, with the introduction of new aviation safety rules, the market for old opportunities has exploded. Indeed, over the last ten decades, a jet has almost no meaning. More informations about helicopter for sale contact a professional  . This is partly due to the high cost of replacing cockpit avionics, but also to the inefficient combustion of older engines.

Maintenance and upkeep of the private jet

The costs of maintaining, parking and operating a private aircraft should not be underestimated: they also represent a substantial budget for the year. Among the operating costs, you will have to propose a budget to cover the pilots, although the flight attendants, the ground technicians who maintain the device, the kerosene or the jet insurance as well as the taxation of private airports. Also consider deferring the cost of renting a space in a hangar or parking lot when the jet is not in use. Before launching the first available draft, conduct a cost-benefit analysis of your investment. 350 to 400 hours per year can justify the purchase jet aircraft. Otherwise, you can consider renting. Also consider the hidden costs. Have a price between 4 and 35 million euros to get a new private jet,

How to amortize your investment?

In order to amortize your investment and the resulting prices, there are many solutions, including renting your aircraft when it is not in use and co-ownership. Thus, it is possible to choose a jet rental, in order to reduce incidental expenses, by setting up a commercial aircraft management company. As such, it is necessary to obtain an air carrier certificate from the civil aviation authorities. For its part, the aircraft management company has the advantage of providing a team, in addition to operational employees. Similarly, it is possible to purchase a private jet with several people to discuss its use and, of course, the expenses incurred. But it is crucial to find trusting relationships for management and discussion of this use will not be a problem.

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